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About Us

The Chamber of Commerce Guatemala - Korea is a business organization established in 2015 that is dedicated to leading commercial, industrial, and cultural activity between Guatemala and South Korea.


Diplomatic Relations as of October 24, 1962

Opening of KOICA and KOTRA in Guatemala

Cultural Agreement between the Government of the
Republic of Korea and the Government of the
Republic of Guatemala, (May 11, 1978).

Under negotiation, Free Trade Agreement
(FTA) Central America – South Korea.

Mutual Protection Treaty of
Investments Korea and Guatemala

Trade Agreement between the Government of the
Republic of Korea and the Government of the
Republic of Guatemala, (March 26, 1977).

Korean Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce (Camcor) 
founded on August 11, 2015


To be the maximum benefit between Guatemalan and Korean affiliates, for commerce, industry and culture.

  • ​Honesty

  • Leadership

  • competitiveness

  • Reliability

  • Loyalty


To be the business organization that leads the commercial, industrial and cultural venture between Guatemala and Korea.




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Make proposals at the government level, which allow streamlining and dynamizing these commercial relations.
Promote and expedite the commercial relationship between the two countries and promote bilateral trade, through an adequate service platform.
Disseminate information about South Korean trade and industry. Korean presence in Guatemala.
Be a link for Korea-Guatemala trade relations.
Promote economic activity and the import and export of products and services.
Promote investment, trade and industry between Korea and Guatemala through associated individuals and legal entities
Promote trade, industry and culture between Guatemala and Korea.
Promote Guatemalan exports of commercial products to Korea.
Promote imports of Korean industrial products in Guatemala.
Encourage and promote tourism between Korea and Guatemala.
Increase cultural exchange between Korea and Guatemala.

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