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How to become a member?
A) Be an individual or legal person of any nationality and Korean preferably Guatemala;
B) Intent or carrying out activities of commercial, industrial nature or services; besides presenting to the House the information and documentation it may require for that purpose; Y
C) Comply with the following input procedures:

a) Submit application endorsed by two active associate members and complete documentation to the Board of the Chamber;

b) Acceptance of income the applicant shall be determined by the Board by majority vote of its members;

c) Pay entrance fee and then being accepted.
- Types of partners
Partners can be:
a) Founders: Individuals or legal persons appearing in the deed of constitution of the House;
b) Active the individual or legal persons who have been admitted as such by the Board of Directors, who meet the admission requirements and other regulations or provisions approved by the General Assembly and subject to payment of a fixed fee.
-Benefits of Membership.
Require the services of the Chamber and its facilities;
g) identified through a card as a member of the House, once the respective shares in payment is solvent;
h) Being part of the special commissions and activities. 

Obligations of Associate.
Involved and participate in the activities promoted by the Chamber to support its objectives and ensuring the prestige purposes, progress, development and growth of this;
Be punctual in the payment of ordinary and extraordinary fees and other contributions established by the General Assembly for the proper performance of the functions of the Chamber;
Refrain from acts that directly or indirectly harm the proper and normal performance of the functions, goals, objectives and achievements of the House or the commercial relations between both countries.
 Application form (legal or natural person) - Approval of the Board
 Photocopy of Commerce Patent (in case of being a legal person)
 payment of the annual registration fee.
 Interest in trade with Korea and Guatemala.

Individual Member

Any individual and honorable person.

Corporative Member

A company or legal person with a trustable reputation.

Founder Member

Members who were since the beginning. 

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